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“I came in for a tongue and lip tie release for our baby… we knew we needed to get it checked out for me to be successful in breastfeeding. Breastfeeding was super painful and he was gassy and fussy a lot. He had really bad colic and reflux. I noticed an immediate difference in breastfeeding

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Kevin Lovely

“Since starting (myofunctional) therapy, I am more aware of my tongue position. My tongue does not come forward anymore, I feel like I’ve noticed the open space between my upper and lower teeth close a little, and I definitely sleep better and my tongue is in the right spot all night. The taping helped me

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Maylah Williams

“since I’ve been dong all the exercises, I’ve realized how much my tongue comes forward and messes up my speech. When my tongue is back where its supposed to be, it feels like its easier to pronounce things and my speech sounds better”.

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Heather Karsh

The breathing (exercises) calms me down and steadies my breath. In PE, when everyone else is running out of breath, I’m still going… “I feel like Myofunctional therapy has helped me a lot because now I am very aware of where my tongue is supposed to be and how I’m supposed to talk, drink, swallow…

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