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What is a Lactation Consultant?

Lactation consultants help moms get comfortable about breastfeeding and prepare them for successful nursing by teaching them certain techniques, like how to position baby and how to know she’s latching correctly.

Prenatal Consultation

I always encourage these because as a new mom or even a second or third time mom, its important we educate ourselves on the latest research and tools we can use to support us in prenatal care. A lot of times if we didn’t have issues the first time or aren’t educated by our pediatricians, if a problem arises, we will have the knowledge to handle it.

Breastfeeding issues can be a time sensitive thing so its best to know as much as possible in case anything arises.

Many women find that a prenatal consultation helps to prevent breastfeeding problems from occurring or that occurred with a previous baby. I encourage expectant mothers bring in a list of questions to cover during the consultation. Additionally, we will cover preparation for breastfeeding, positioning and latch-on technique, problem prevention, normal breastfeeding and common breastfeeding problem resolution.

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