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What is Homeopathics?

Homeopathics has always been a passion and turned into a lifestyle choice for me in my teenage years. I love studying how plants and oils and certain minerals can affect our bodies so powerfully.
I believe our bodies have the perfect blueprint of what “health” is for all of us as individuals and we have gotten so far away from listening to that in our modern society. With the introduction of high amounts of sugar, GMO’s, and MSG’s in our foods in the western diet as well as chemicals in all the products we use. Products we use on a daily basis that we aren’t even aware is harmful for us and our families.

I work closely with other professional referrals knowledgeable in this field, anywhere from detoxing a home to detoxing your body. As well as continuing my extended education to always know more about this topic and creating natural, healthy, plant based homeopathic home products we can use.

This topic can apply to many and all things that I do. For specific questions, feel free to email me and I’m more than happy to answer!

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