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Timbrey Lind, RDH

Specializing in Myofunctional Therapy and Breathing Re-habilitation

Timbrey Lind, RDH

Specializing in Myofunctional Therapy and Breathing Rehabilitation

I Work Towards Whole Health

My goal as an integrative health practitioner is to always look at the big picture and find the Why behind the issues presented. I feel that once we know the Why, everything else unfolds to tell us the story. My second goal is to EDUCATE you, so you are able to make your own informed decision about your own health with the knowledge you already have and also gained from seeing me.
My approach is a whole-body approach with utilization of my constant continuing education and my insatiable thirst for wanting to know more in holistic nutrition, biological dentistry, myofunctional therapy, sleep apnea, TMD, breastfeeding and lactation consulting, tongue-ties, autonomic response testing, and training in both eastern and western approaches.
You will hear me say this a million times… We are all unique individuals and what might work for one person, isn’t going to work for you. Therefore we cannot all be treated the same and my approach is to consider this and figure out what works best for you and your body.

Memberships Timbrey Lind, RDH participates in

  • AAPMD (American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry)
  • AOMT (Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy)
  • IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)
  • IABDM (International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine)
  • Weston Price Foundation
  • APPPH (Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health)
  • AAOSH (American Academy of Oral Systemic Health)
  • AAO (American Academy of Ozonotherapy)
  • Klinghardt Academy
  • BBA (Buteyko Breathing Association)


To ensure that what you come to me for is accomplished but more importantly, that you leave with a wealth full of new knowledge about your own health that you didn’t have before.


My vision is to create a world of better choices in our healthcare system that empower us as individuals to stand up for ourselves and make better health choices overall. I believe our bodies are a beautiful, energetic force that already has the perfect blueprint of wholeness engrained. We just need to keep it on the right track by listening to how it responds and step back and let it do its job.
I make it sound simple, because I believe it is. And my overall vision is to get us there.
“since I’ve been dong all the exercises, I’ve realized how much my tongue comes forward and messes up my speech. When my tongue is back where its supposed to be, it feels like its easier to pronounce things and my speech sounds better”.
Maylah Williams
“Since starting (myofunctional) therapy, I am more aware of my tongue position. My tongue does not come forward anymore, I feel like I’ve noticed the open space between my upper and lower teeth close a little, and I definitely sleep better and my tongue is in the right spot all night. The taping helped me with that. My teeth have changed a lot for the better. Therapy was pretty simple, but at times was very difficult as well in performing the exercises”.
Kevin Lovely
“I can touch the roof of my mouth after getting my tongue tie released and I couldn’t do that before. The procedure was easy.”
“I came in for a tongue and lip tie release for our baby… we knew we needed to get it checked out for me to be successful in breastfeeding. Breastfeeding was super painful and he was gassy and fussy a lot. He had really bad colic and reflux. I noticed an immediate difference in breastfeeding after getting them released.”
The breathing (exercises) calms me down and steadies my breath. In PE, when everyone else is running out of breath, I’m still going… “I feel like Myofunctional therapy has helped me a lot because now I am very aware of where my tongue is supposed to be and how I’m supposed to talk, drink, swallow… Overall, myofunctional therapy has helped a lot”.
Heather Karsh
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